The Family Circle

Episode 2: Circle Surrogate Panel

March 24, 2022 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 2
The Family Circle
Episode 2: Circle Surrogate Panel
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Content Warning: This episode mentions a failed embryo transfer. If that is going to be upsetting or triggering, we recommending skipping over the question about what can go wrong during a surrogacy journey. There is also an explanation of infertility in an age appropriate way for a small child. The reference to "having a sick belly" is in no way referenced to invalidate or demean the struggle with infertility and was specific to the situation. We hope you enjoy the episode! 

In our second episode, Kristin Marsoli, Director of Marketing at Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, chats with three gestational carriers on our surrogate panel about their experience carrying for multiple sets of intended parents both domestically and internationally. 

Megan, Heather, and Sarah talk about all things surrogacy from what piqued their interest in surrogacy, what it's like to match with intended parents, and muse about the craziest places they've ever given themselves their shots. 

Whether they're sharing about how they told their kids about surrogacy, or what their first video call was like with their intended parents, these women speak truthfully and from the heart about their incredible, and not always perfect surrogacy journeys. 

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Hello & Welcome
Introducing Megan
Introducing Heather
Introducing Sarah
What Brought You to Surrogacy?
How Did You Go Into the Matching Process?
How Was Your First Video Call?
Matching with Australian IPs
Talking to Surrogacy With Your Kids
What Can Go Wrong With a Surrogacy Journey
Being a Surrogate at Another Agency
What Is the Role of a Primary Support Person?
Where Is the Craziest Place You've Given Yourself a Shot?
Was It Hard to Give Up Your Surro-baby?
The Funniest Thing Your Kids Have Said About Surrogacy?
Any Food Cravings With Your Surro-babes?
What Would You Say to Someone Who Doesn't Agree With Surrogacy?