The Family Circle

Episode 3: Brian Rosenberg

May 15, 2022 Brian Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 3
The Family Circle
Episode 3: Brian Rosenberg
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In our third episode, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation President, Sam Hyde, hosts our amazing guest, Brian Rosenberg! Brian is the founder of Gays With Kids which is a continuously growing community of dads, families and industry experts. They provide education, anecdotes and advice for wherever you might be in your journey to fatherhood. 

They chat about Brian's experience growing up during a tumultuous time for gay men surrounding the AIDs crisis, his own HIV status, meeting his husband, and becoming a dad. It's an emotionally charged episode with a beautifully happy ending. You won't want to miss it. 

Brian mentions the clinic partner, RMA CT and Dr. Mark Leondires. RMA CT has recently rebranded and is now called Illume Fertility. You can find more information on Illume here:

Brian also mentions his first blog post called "All You Really Need Is a Suitcase or a Drawer" which you can find here:

To learn more about GWK Academy, you can check out the website here:

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Hello & Welcome - Sam Hyde
Introducing Brian Rosenberg
What Was it Like Growing Up in MA & Coming Out as Gay
HIV+ Disclosure
How Did You Meet Your Husband?
When Did You Both Decide You Were Ready to Grow Your Family?
What Did Conversations Look Like Around Adoption and Surrogacy?
What Was Your Thought Process in Starting Gays With Kids?
Why Do So Many People Gravitate Toward the Gays With Kids Community?
Do You Have Any Specific Stories of Families That Stand Out to You?
How Do You Choose IVF Clinics and Surrogacy Agencys to Work With at Gays With Kids?
What Advice Would You Give Gay Men Interested In Growing Their Family?
What Would You Say to Someone Who Doesn't Agree With Surrogacy?
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