The Family Circle

Episode 6: Nicola & Mandi

July 18, 2022 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 6
The Family Circle
Episode 6: Nicola & Mandi
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Content Warning: This episode features a conversation about a miscarriage and how to share the news of pregnancy loss with intended parents. This may be triggering for some listeners, so if this is something you'd like to avoid hearing about, please be advised to skip over 24:30-32:09

We're halfway through season one of The Family Circle and this episode is the perfect heartwarming episode to carry us into the back half of the year! 

Episode 6 is hosted by Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Director of Marketing, Kristin Marsoli. She hosts our two incredible guests, Nicola and Mandi. Nicola is a parent through surrogacy after giving birth to her own son, and Mandi was her gestational carrier. You may know Mandi as a Surrogate Advisor on the Circle Surrogacy team! 

In this episode, Nicola and Mandi share about their beautiful bond, why they both chose surrogacy, why they chose each other, and how they overcame obstacles to bring baby Squish into this world. They are both open, honest, and vulnerable about their journeys and what has kept them close in the five years since their journey together ended. You won't want to miss it! 

Hello & Welcome - Kristin Marsoli
Introducing Nicola and Her Journey to Surrogacy
Introducing Mandi and What Brought Her to Surrogacy
Nicola's Vision of Who Her Surrogate Would Be
Mandi's Vision of Who Her Intended Parents Would Be
What Was the First Video Call Like for Nicola?
What Was the First Video Call Like for Mandi?
When Did You Both Decide You Wanted to Move Forward?
How Did You Strengthen Your Bond and Relationship?
The Two Week Wait
The First Appointment and Getting Bad News
Mandi Sharing the News with Nicola and Tyler
How to Move Forward After Pregnancy Loss
Were You Able to Visit One Another During the Journey?
Nicola, How Did You Stay Connected to the Pregnancy?
Mandi, How Did You Include Nicola in the Pregnancy?
What Was Delivery Day Like, Mandi?
What Was Delivery Day Like, Nicola?
Labor & Delivery at the Hospital
After Birth and Keeping the Relationship Strong
Mandi's First Time Seeing the Family of Four
How Long Ago Was This Journey?
What Has the Relationship Been Like Between Nicola & Mandi Since the Birth?
What Would You Say to Someone Who Doesn't Agree With Surrogacy?