The Family Circle

Episode 7: Progyny Fertility Benefits

August 22, 2022 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 7
The Family Circle
Episode 7: Progyny Fertility Benefits
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In our seventh episode, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Director of Marketing, Kristin Marsoli, sits down with Lissa Kline, SVP, Provider and Member Services at Progyny! 

They discuss the services that Progyny provides, the importance of fertility benefits, why folks choose surrogacy & egg donation, and how to address infertility with your employer. 

Lissa shares about what makes Progyny special and how to reduce the costs of third party reproduction and have a higher rate of success. 

Circle Surrogacy is proud to partner with Progyny and help make surrogacy and egg donation more affordable and accessible. 

Interested in learning more about surrogacy and egg donation? Check out our website at 

Interested in learning more about Progyny and their incredible fertility benefits? Check out their website: 

Hello & Welcome - Kristin Marsoli
Introducing Lissa Kline
What is Progyny and What Lissa Does
Does Progyny Work with Individuals or Employers?
Why Do Patients Need a Surrogate or Egg Donor?
Do You Find More Employees Provide Coverage for 3rd Party Reproduction?
Why Should Employers Cover 3rd Party Reproduction?
As An Employee How Can I Get My Employer To Offer These Benefits?
What Should I Look for For Fertility Benefits as an Employee?
Be Prepared to Ask For What You Need
What Are the Benefits for Employers to Offer Fertility Benefits for Their Employees?
Are the Same Types of Benefits Available for Large & Small Companies Alike?
Does Adding a Fertility Benefit Increase Cost of Health Insurance Costs?
How to Advocate for Fertility Benefits at Your Company Anonymously
Understanding the Provider Network at Progyny
What is the Best First Step If Looking for Fertility Benefits?
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