The Family Circle

Episode 8: Experienced Egg Donor Panel

September 23, 2022 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 8
The Family Circle
Episode 8: Experienced Egg Donor Panel
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This month's episode of The Family Circle is a special panel episode featuring three experienced egg donors through Circle Egg Donation. 

Marketing Director, Kristin Marsoli, hosts Jordan, Tia, and Liv as they discuss why they became egg donors, why they choose the type of donation they did, why they wanted to work with an agency, and they each provide some words of wisdom for women who may be interested in becoming egg donors. 

Jordan, Tia, and Liv have each done multiple egg donations over the years for different intended parents. They all have one thing in common though, and that is they love to talk about egg donation. Jordan and Tia have achieved their goal of sharing egg dontation with other women by joining the team here at Circle as Egg Donation Coordinators! Liv on the other hand has been sharing her journeys through her TikTok channel and meeting women and answering their questions on her page. You can follow her @oliviaroww

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Welcome to the Family Circle, circle, surrogacy and egg donations podcast. I'm your host Kristen and I'm the Marketing Director here at Circle surrogacy. Now we've had episodes about surrogacy in the past. But another aspect to circle and family building is egg donation. Our egg donors are special women who donate their eggs to help others build a family. So our intended parents who need eggs in order to create their embryos will match with an egg donor in order to grow their family. I'm really excited about today's episode, which is an egg donor panel with three amazing women who are experienced egg donors. Today we have Olivia, Tia and Jordan with us. So welcome ladies, why don't you each take a quick moment and introduce yourself if you can share your name and how many a donation journeys you've done. Jordan, why don't you go first?
Hi, my name is Jordan. I have done five donations and they have all been fully known donation arrangements. Hi,
I'm Tia I've done three i donations. And I've actually done one of each but then anonymous, am I in a fully known
and I'm live I have donated twice, and I did known for both of mine.
Well, welcome ladies, I'm so excited to talk to you today. It's always a special time when we get to get the inside scoop on what it means to be an egg donor and what egg donation is and how it is such a special part of family building. And for so many families going through third party reproduction matching with an egg donor and creating those embryos is such an early stage in the journey. There's a lot of focus on the end stages, but you guys are part of the beginning and the most special part creating those embryos for those babies. So I think a really good place to start is just to ask you, how did you even come to know about egg donation? It is not always something that's top of mind. I don't know that a lot of people are your friends are talking about it. So can you share a little bit about how you first heard about egg donation? Jordan, we're gonna start with you.
Yeah, absolutely. Well, I actually had just moved to South Carolina, and I made a friend. And she was a donor through circle. Her name is also Jordan. And we were sitting there one night talking and she was getting ready for her second donation and brought it up with me and was like you should look into it. I ended up applying and I forgot about it for six months. And then I received a match present. And now here I am five donations later and also working for circles. So
that's so amazing. And I think we'll probably dig into this a little bit later in the episode, what you're talking about, I applied and then I didn't hear anything for a while and then all of a sudden things started up. So I think that's definitely something that we're going to talk about later. Tia, can you share how you first came to egg donation?
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of while Jordan and I worked together. And we lived in Hawaii. And after she started her egg donation journey, she talked about it a little bit on social media. And you know, I just kind of dug into it and started researching what it was and you know, everything that it was all about. I ordered my application. And then I didn't finish my application for two years. And then I submitted my application. And here we are on my third donation and it's been pretty amazing.
Okay, live your turn.
So I was originally looking into surrogacy, but then I quickly learned that you had to have had your own child verse. And that's when I stumbled upon egg donation, which I didn't even know existed and then just felt right. So I applied and then quickly matched. And yeah, did two donations.
So it's so interesting to hear how you all came to egg donation a little bit differently. And to you said something that I'd love to talk a little bit more about you started your egg donation application. You paused you didn't finish it right away. And you actually didn't come back for a few years. Are you open to sharing why that was? I know, there's sort of a lot of questions that go around egg donation, but why the big pause and then you pick that back up again.
Yeah, sure. So I started into the process because I heard a friend Jordan talking about it. But you know, I didn't really completely do all my research and then it was just something that sparked my interest but I wasn't fully ready to commit to it. I guess once I was able to you know, really talk to my partner bought it and my family and my friends and I just realized how much support there was behind it and the benefits that actually came from it and me and my husband weren't ready for kids and then Jordan did another donation. and shared about it. And then you know, for Financials again, and then that's when I really started to do my research and found out a lot more about it. And then I finished my obligation. Finally, I was so mad at myself, I wish I would have done it two years prior, but it's okay.
But I mean, I think you approached it the right way, doing your research and talking it over with your husband and your family and making sure you have the right support. You know, egg donation isn't something to be taken lightly. And we encourage anyone who's interested in egg donation to do that research, it's not the right fit for everyone. So we want to make sure it's the right fit for you. You know, in Jordan, you had a friend as well, the other Jordan, who was doing egg donation. So you probably had a little bit more of a deep dive into what the process might be like, because she was really talking about starting her journey with you and whatnot. But did you still go on and do some research? Did you still, what were the other questions that you had that she didn't answer for you?
Honestly, I dove in with my eyes closed. You know, like I said, I originally applied and completed the application, you know, talk to the intake coordinator. And then like I said, I didn't I didn't hear anything. So between actually applying and then getting a match presented to me, I just kind of went out of my brain. And I forgot about it until I was presented with the match. But she did really help me with overcoming my fear of needles. And I actually FaceTimed her the first day that I started my inductions for my first donation. And that support really helped throughout this process and realizing similar to what TSN is how supportive people can really be during this entire process. And I think that's one of the great things about circle two is just how supportive the entire staff at Circle is for this process. So there weren't a ton of questions that I had about it. Like I said, I kind of just dove right in with my eyes closed, because I felt like it was such a great opportunity.
Yeah, having that support is key. And Jordan and Tia, you both knew somebody who had gone through egg donation live, you are sort of on the other end of the spectrum where you didn't know someone who had done it. And you were sort of starting your research from scratch. So can you share a little bit about what that process was like for you?
It was actually interesting because I went on to a couple different websites to learn about first surrogacy and then a donation. And I stumbled upon circle, and they were the one that had all of the information and all of the questions that I had. So I kind of learned everything the first day that I applied, or at least everything that made me feel comfortable enough to apply.
And donation is a pretty involved process. And there are medical professionals, legal professionals. So there's a lot of people involved. Once you submitted your application, and you were able to speak with somebody at the agency, what sorts of questions did you have? Like? Was there anything that you were still a little nervous about? Or were there still some unknowns that you wanted some answers to? What sorts of questions as somebody new to egg donation did you have?
I think one of my biggest questions was, how long the process was going to be. I mean, obviously, they read up more on but you know, that's like a rough timeframe. But realistically, each clinic is going to be different. So to try to plan things around your donation, or even within your donations. At the beginning, I didn't know I didn't have blackout dates, I thought that, you know, I had to have a clear schedule for four to six months, I really didn't know that I could have those blackout dates and put those in with my legal team. And then at coordinator, something that I learned along the way, my verse donation, I just didn't do any traveling for that time. And then my second donation, I was like, Oh, I guess I could just put in blackout dates. So that was something ran out. Pretty nice to know.
And that's a great point, too, especially about how long the process takes. So Jordan, you had mentioned how you applied and then you didn't hear anything for six months. So you know, when you look at the process from start to finish when you actually begin the process. So after the application, and after your match, that's probably where that three to four month window timeframe is coming from. And again, it can be more depending on clinics and circumstances and whatnot. But Jordan, you had a great point of I didn't hear anything for six months. And you know, the reason behind that is with an egg donation agency like circle when you apply, you do become part of the egg donor database and you're allowed there to share pictures and videos and a ton of information about yourself and that is where our intended parents go to find a donor match. So it was that time that you were waiting, Jordan probably wondering, this thing ever gonna happen. And then all of a sudden one day, is that what happened? You just got a phone call, we have an intended parent who's interested in matching.
Yeah, absolutely. It's, it's actually really funny how fast things start to move after you are presented with a match how like, you don't know, if you can travel, you don't really know everything that is going to go on with the match. So I've always kind of described myself as being in a limbo while I'm actually in the act of matching process. But yeah, I didn't, you know, I didn't hear for six months. And then I received an email saying potential match with IPS. I met with them. And to give a sense of timeline, I met with them in December, right around like my 28th birthday, I think it was, I was good to move forward. January, I did medical screening. And by March, I had a donation that was for my first donation, so definitely moves a little bit faster. But we also tell donors all the time that there could be a wait, when you are actually chosen, or it may be instant, you may receive an email right away, saying hi, we have a potential match with IP. So it really just depends on the individual process.
I think it's important to note that there is a difference between being an egg donor with an egg donation agency, versus an egg donor with an egg bank. So donors with egg banks, they pretty much donate their eggs, they do not know who the intended parent recipient will be for those eggs. Whereas an egg donation agency, you're actually looking to match with intended parents so that you know, who is receiving your eggs to create their embryos and grow a family. So live? Can you share a little bit about why you chose to donate with an egg donation agency versus an egg bank? Yeah, I
didn't know that an egg bank existed. I originally learned about agencies. And I'm glad that that is how I learned. I really liked matching and talking to the parents and creating a relationship with them. And then still having a relationship with them today and hearing about whether or not they have a surrogate now or their journey. And yeah, I am really happy that I chose an agency.
How about you Tia, what made you choose an agency?
So I really kind of like the aspect of having a known donation, I was open to any type of donation, just whatever the intended parents were comfortable with. presented with an anonymous for my first donation, but I still got a whole profile of them. They didn't have specific information, but it still left me feeling a little bit connected. They wrote me a really awesome letter. And I would crying on my first day. It was so sweet. Yeah, so I was really lucky aspect of being able to talk with the intended parents and feeling that connection and building that relationship, whether it be small or big. It's so important to me anyways, it's super fulfilling during their journey and hearing how happy they are and hearing them talk about I'm like, Oh, just a small part of your journey. And I know you are my journey, like this is where I'm going and I'm like, oh, okay, so yeah, I just liked the connection.
That's so sweet. I think women interested in egg donation, it's good for them to know that donating with an agency and having the opportunity to know who your intended parents are. And I think it's important to say mutually agreeing on the match just because somebody wants to match with you. If it doesn't feel like the right match, you 100% can say no and wait for another match to present itself. But it's so rewarding to be able to know who is receiving your eggs and who you are helping to know their story. I think working at an agency it just personalizes the entire journey so much more and it's just so much more meaningful. You each have touched upon the different types of journeys that you've done and not everybody knows all about egg donation and that there are three different types of egg donation. So the first is a known egg donation and you've each done one of those and that is where you are exchanging information with the intended parents you meet it could be video meet phone calls, whatever it might be you guys know details about each other you're sharing your stories with one another circle encourages known donation because we know in the long run that is the most rewarding for all parties involved. And it also allows any children born from the egg donation to have a sense of self know their origin story. The second type of donation is semi known. So that is you know a little bit about them. You guys aren't sharing very very specific Quick details. And the third is anonymous. And that is where you are not sharing tremendous amount of details, you're probably not keeping in touch or anything like that. So to you, you've done a few different types of journeys, can you just explain how they were different for you as an egg donor?
Yeah, for my anonymous donation, I just really received the paper profile, I didn't really know much about them, I didn't do a phone call with them, I didn't get to do a Skype call with them. For me, it was my first donation. So I didn't know the difference yet. So I was okay with that I was okay with just the paper profile. Once I did my semi donation, they actually requested a zoom call with me, I received a little bit more information, but I didn't have any huge contact. And again, I was okay with that, because I didn't know what a known donation was yet. But I knew I liked that more than the anonymous just because I did feel that connection with them. In my donation cycle that I'm doing now, at the known donation, we're still working out all the kinks in everything, because I haven't done my retrieval yet. But I like it the best, I got to keep contact with them, I got to do the phone call with them. And then they want future contact. I'm completely okay with that as well. And now this is my third donation and doing all three of them. I'm fully in all donations is my favorite.
That's great to hear. Now, Jordan, all of your donations have been fully known. Is that
correct? Yeah, that's correct. Every single one of them?
And was that how you went into egg donation that what you wanted? Or were you sort of I will see what the intended parents want? And then let them guide the ship a little bit? Or how did you approach it?
Yeah, absolutely. I was open to all donation arrangements. And when I was presented with my first profile, it was fully known as the same sex male couple. And like I said, I got to meet them, and you develop a really close connection with them, if you can, not every journey is going to be the same way, even if it's fully known. But I really love the opportunity for them to share with me about their lives and the impact that I have been able to give them, I receive pictures, I get to see that their children look similar to my daughter, which is a really, really cool aspect of donating. And I always allow the intended parents to reach out to me first, just to make sure that that's what they're comfortable with. But throughout this process, I don't have any other way to gauge any other journeys. Since I've always been fully known. By like I said, it's given me a really good opportunity to get to know the people that I'm donating to. I remember last year, I was donating over Mother's Day, which was really hard. And when you're doing injections, you're very emotional, and you're hormonal. And it's very easy to start crying. And so I was sitting there crying to my mom about how awful I felt. And then I received an email from the intended mother, just saying Happy Mother's Day, thank you for giving me an opportunity to become a mom. And doing this for women that can't have children for themselves, or doing this for same sex couples gives you just an immense feeling of opportunity to change people's lives. And I think that's the one reason why I love fully known is because I can see the impact and get to see how their lives have been changed by egg donation and by having their own children.
Oh my god, I can't even imagine how receiving that note on Mother's Day made you feel. I mean, I teared up with you just telling the story right now. So I can't even be imagined being the one who received it plus you already a little emotional. So that must have made you feel amazing, though.
That shows talking about it again. I was like, Oh, I'm just reminded about that feeling of giving her that opportunity.
That's so special.
Live, both of yours have been fully known as well, right?
Yep. Yeah, I think I chose open like I would do any of them. But any donation for it, I would definitely do known. I got to meet up with my family. The very first time I went to go donate, and I have pictures and videos from like our night together. And that's just really special to me. So I'm really glad I didn't know.
So let's talk a little bit about the process. Jordan, you mentioned you were a little emotional and fear of needles and whatnot. So let's break down the process a little bit because I think from an outsider looking in egg donation can seem scary, especially if you don't know what to expect. So all three of you feel free to answer here but there are needles Yes. Are they horrible? Or are they okay?
So for me, I if you spoke to my mom every time she took me to a doctor's office, I was usually passing out however I have tattoos. I have piercings And so that's kind of how I looked at going into donating. And even so the needles are so small. So when I actually talk to people about my experience, I'm like, You won't even realize like the needles are tiny as can be. It is not as big as you think it would be. I think the worst part of it is when you are doing local monitoring, because you go to the clinic four separate times in like a week, and they take blood every single time. So that's always been the one thing that's been really hard for me is just local monitoring, because you just have to get stuck with a needle so often. But yeah, I mean, it can be very overwhelming. Obviously, I wouldn't recommend anybody that's terrified of needles like I was to do it. But I think with the entire process, it's not as scary as probably some people make that out to be of course, there's risks. Of course, you may react a little bit differently, but coming from somebody that would pass out any time they would get a shot, to now being a five time egg donor, it's not nearly as bad as you would think it would be.
It was gonna say if you had any fear of needles, it couldn't have been that bad because you've done five egg donation. So there must be something truly special about it, that you keep coming back and helping so many families, which is pretty, pretty amazing. Live, you were nodding your head along what how did you start out with with needles and getting used to what that protocol was going to be?
It was funny when she said like the tattoos part is I have a lot of tattoos. So it was I mean, it's different. They're different needles, so it's very much different. But I would say after the first time you do an injection, all of that anxiety goes away. Because you realize how small and how painless it really is. I would say that even my second time donating the very first time I did injection, I was still like kind of hyping myself up thinking it was going to be painful. And then I was like, Okay, why did I feel but then once Yeah, it was over with, it was all worth it in the end.
Feel like it's the unknown we that gets the best of us mentally sometimes until we actually experience it. Let's talk a little bit about the actual retrieval. So you are taking medications to get your body ready for an egg retrieval, you are doing the local monitoring that Jordan was talking about. And they are taking blood because they want to see make sure your body is where it needs to be for the retrieval. So when it comes to retrieval time, can you can you talk a little bit about what that timeframe is like so you traveled to your intended parents fertility clinic? And can you just share maybe what to expect during that trip, when it comes to what the retrieval is like to you want to share what that's like?
Or do you head out to your intent of hers IVF clinic, you tend to usually go for a monitoring appointment, usually the next day that you get out there to do your blood drawn ultrasound, to check to make sure everything is good to give you some more medications, if you're running low, and then the next day, you're usually off and then you come back the following day. I've done and they do another blood draw and another ultrasound just to see where you're out there. And then depending on how your body's reacting to the medications and where you're at, maybe they will give you your final injection your trigger shot or they'll have you come in again the next day for another blood draw and another altered and then if you do do the trigger shot, then I think it's 36 hours, correct me if I'm wrong. And then you go in for your retrieval and your retrieval is like three minutes, maybe an hour. And the best part is when you wake up and I'm just eating you a bunch of snacks and apple juice and you're the timer where am I? And then they tell you how many eggs they retrieved. I mean, they have her both mine. I was like super excited. I literally woke up and that was the first thing I asked. They're not like, Am I okay, I'm like how many eggs did you get? Tell me it was successful. And then yeah, I was able to actually go out to breakfast after my retrieval walk downtown and my husband went and had breakfast and then I went back to my hotel and took a nap and we went out that night. So it was a pretty easy recovery that day. Both times I was able to just go and relax. Not anything strenuous, but we walked around for a little bit had some breakfast.
I think it speaks volumes of the type of women who become egg donors where the first thing you think about when you wake up is not how am i But how did I do for them? How did I do for my intended parents? How many eggs did you get? Which I think is just truly marvelous that that is how giving and selfless you all are to take part in this. So it sounds like the actual retrieval when it's a 30 minute quick procedure, no pain You're out for it. And then you wake up and people dote on you and take care of you and feed you, which sounds lovely. How soon after the retrieval Are you able to travel home.
So for me, I actually traveled home the next day, I did have a little bit of pain, a little bit of bloating for just a couple of days, everybody is completely different. But for me, my personal experience first one was about two days that I was uploaded for pretty bad. And then my second one was about four days, and then I recovered pretty well after that. But yeah, I traveled home the next day, and it didn't have any issues myself.
I've heard some of our egg donors equate it to menstrual discomfort, right, right after the retrieval for a couple of days, you just feel like blah, a little bit. And you might have that bloating and a little bit of pain. But after that, you're good to go.
I would say that makes the Thanksgiving dinner, eating mixed with menstrual because you are so voted.
But it sounds like after a few days that goes away. And then you are back to normal, right? Yeah, definitely.
So this process is one that is very emotional. And it's really important to have support. When you work with an agency like circle, you will 100% have support from the staff. But it's also important to have support from your own family, friends community. So can you each talk a little bit about the support that you had? If there was somebody that traveled with you or who your sounding board was? And Who were those people for you live? Why don't you start?
Yep. So my first donation, I took my close friend who had been best friends with since I think fifth grade, and she's now my roommate. So it was kind of perfect. And she went out to the intended parents date with me. And we honestly, she was the person that just reminded me to sit down here in there, because I'm really bad at reminding myself to listen to my body and know when I need to relax for a little bit. And that was kind of the same the second time around, I ended up taking my mom the second time and she was again, the person just to remind me to sit down. But yeah, they're both really supportive and just excited and wanted to go to the appointments and stuff with me. So
yeah. So you touched on your mom being a support person? What was it like sharing with your family that you wanted to be an egg donor? How did they take that news? How did you share it with them? Because I've heard some women interested in egg donation. They're a little nervous, sharing that with their family, because they're not quite sure how they're going to react. So how did you approach sharing that news? Jordan, why don't you start,
I like I said, dove blindfolded, eyes closed. When I went to share with my parents, they were a little apprehensive, which I think are just parents in general, my mom was mainly worried about my overall health, especially long term. But now because I've done it as many times as I have, my dad, who is my number one person, he actually went to my last donation with me is always telling me how proud he is of me. And that is all I live for. Half the time is just making sure that my parents are proud of me, right and so knowing have that my parents are proud of me. And like I said, they're a little apprehensive, but when you give them as much information as you can, and really let them know that this means a lot to me. They trust that I'm making right decisions, even if it may eventually affect my body and in the long term. And I've also had the opportunity to bring friends to my donation similar to Olivia. And just always been supportive in the sense of reminding me that this is not long term, the bloating is not long term, your body's gonna go back to normal. So I think that giving your family and friends as much information as possible, but also understanding that this is your decision and you want to help people and this is a really great opportunity. So even if I would have had people in my life that would probably not have agreed with it. I probably wouldn't have listened to them anyways.
How about UTF What was it like when you shared with your family that you wanted to be an egg donor?
So when I shared this with my mom, she gave me a little kickback because she doesn't have any grandkids of her own yet which is to be expected I get it but I just tried putting her in their shoes I tried to tell her like about the story about when I met was one of the intended parents and they were talking about how their parents were excited. They got to have grandkids and I just reminded her that hers are coming but I am this age of wanting to help others right now and you know We're getting them and helping them fulfill their goals and their dreams and whatnot. And so she was supportive of it. He still asked me when she's getting her own guide. They're coming. Yes, he, she was supportive of it. And then my husband and he went on my last donation. And you know, he's supportive. He really wants a family of his own. And he understands growing up and you have that dream of having a family and not being able to do it yourself. Being able to give to somebody else, and helping them with that is super great. And he gets it and he understands the emotion behind it, because he listened to me talk about it. 24/7. Yeah, they're all super supportive, and really understanding I love it.
She wouldn't be a mom, if she wasn't asking for grandchildren, though, right? Definitely. How about you live? Your mom actually went with you for one of your retrieval. So what was it like when you shared the news with her?
Yeah, so my mom has been a nurse for the last 30 years. So she knows all the medical stuff that goes along with it. And she immediately started asking me questions about what doctors and where we're going, and all these things. And then when I actually did the donations, she was right over next to me just looking at all of the needles and all these things. So I think she was more interested than actually like, what are you doing? It was pretty easy to tell everybody. I think everyone trusted what I was doing and how I was in it for how much I wanted to help people. And yeah, I would just say everyone trusted me.
So having been through donations, and a variety of different kinds of donations from known to semi known to anonymous, if someone were to ask you about egg donation, what would you tell them? What advice would you give someone who was interested in becoming an egg donor,
it's my favorite thing to talk about is definitely I actually went out with friends on Saturday, and I brought it up because they were asking about it, they know my role. But it's something that I'm so excited and passionate about. And haven't ever since I actually started donating. And then, you know, being able to have the opportunity to work with circle. And I usually, if I do speak with women, I tell them, this process is overwhelming and uncomfortable. And it may not go as you want it to go, there may be bumps in the road, you're gonna be exhausted, you're gonna be bloated, you're gonna be emotional. I am like very, very emotional every single time. But even with all of that being said, it's just the opportunity to give other people children. And I think that if you are in a place where you can have that opportunity, and you are interested in that opportunity, then by all means I would love to speak and give as much information as possible. Like I said, it's it's my favorite thing to talk about. I try to incorporate it into conversations when I meet new people. You know, when my my mom yesterday, I'm waiting to be matched. So she was asking about that. So it's just really changed my life. And for the veterans. I love it so much.
Well, it changed your life, but you've changed the lives of five sets of intended parents as well. So I think that's what makes it so special. And you are very lucky that you work at circle that you do get to talk about egg donation every day not live you do not work at Circle egg donation, but I do know that you have shared parts of your donation journeys on your social media, which I imagine you probably got some questions coming out of that. So what what prompted you to share about that on social media? And what types of questions What advice did you give women? What was that? Like?
It's funny because Jordan was saying that she loved talking about it. And that is very much me. I couldn't shut up about it and my family and friends for like, Okay, go somewhere else. So I immediately went on to tick tock, and then it blew up a little faster than I thought. But it was exciting because I did get to answer those questions every day and continue to talk about it every day. Yeah, I love talking about it, sharing my experience and hearing all the different types of women that are interested and a bit connected with a girl that ended up donating from hearing from me on Tik Tok, and me and her still text every day and talk about it. So yeah, it was a great way to meet other donors and continue to talk about it. Yeah.
The power of social media. What kinds of questions if you don't mind sharing? Where are you getting from the content that you were posting on tick tock? Did you have a few that kept coming up to the to the top?
Yeah, I would say the top two I guess three were, what are the injections? Like how much do you get paid and the travel? I think everyone was very interested in the travel part of it. And I just tried to reiterate the fact that don't try to be in it for the money, have your heart in it and educate yourself Find the whole process before you just see the sticker price and then run for it.
I think that's great advice to let your heart lead you to egg donation and making that decision. We actually didn't talk at all on this panel about compensation. And yes, egg donors are compensated, there are different types of compensation and what that might be and it increases the more times that you donate. And I think if you are interested in egg donation, you can definitely reach out and compensation that can be a conversation that's had one on one with the agency team because they can really get into into details that we probably would can do an entire podcast episode about if we want to do but I love that advice. You have your heart lead you any last words of wisdom coming from you lovely ladies, for any women considering egg donation.
It's rewarding. It's the filling is super, super amazing. Like I don't know how to say at the end of each cycle, I'm just literally ready to do another cycle. It's literally so worth it.
How about you join words of wisdom.
I think for me, the immense feeling of accomplishment and by giving these intended parents be able to provide their dreams for them. And very similar to what TSF I can remember after my first donation, actually, I was not approved to donate again. And then I was I was really upset. And it happens. I understood. However, the intended parents that I donated to wanted a second donation. And after that second donation I was approved to donate again. And I kept saying oh after three, I'll be done. Oh, you know, after this one, I'll be done. And now I'm in my potential six. So I think that words of wisdom is just understand that the responsibility that's that is given to you, but also to of how rewarding that responsibility is.
All right, live words of wisdom. I would say honestly, just the same thing as tn Jordan said, it's so rewarding. And in the end, it's one of the things that I can just realize is the coolest thing I've ever done. Yeah, it's just it's a lovely thing to know that I've done that for someone.
Well, I have had a lovely afternoon speaking with you three wonderful ladies, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and it seems are going to continue to do for intended parents to help them achieve those dreams of parenthood that they couldn't have without you to be perfectly honest, you are making parenthood possible for them. And that is truly an amazing gift. And you should feel very, very proud. I know it's rewarding for you to do it, but know how amazing it is and how grateful people are that you are doing it. And thank you for joining us on the Family Circle today. This was our egg donor panel. If you ever have any other questions about egg donation, you can always reach out to the team at Circle surrogacy and egg donation, we will answer any questions that you have there is no pressure to even move forward just to get those questions answered. So thank you, you three for joining me today. And I hope we get to chat again soon.
Thank you so much. Appreciate that.
Thank you. Yeah, thank you

Hello & Welcome - Kristin Marsoli
Introducing Jordan
Introducing Tia
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How Did You Come to Learn About Egg Donation?
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Jordan Discusses Researching Egg Donation and Taking a Big Leap
Liv Shares About Learning About Egg Donation
Tia Shares The Questions She Had Before Donating
Jordan Explains the Egg Donation Process
Liv Shares Why She Chose an Egg Donation Agency vs an Egg Bank
Tia Explains Why She Chose an Agency vs an Egg Bank
Tia Outlines the Different Types of Donations She's Done
Jordan Talks About Known Donation and Why She Loves It
Jordan and Liv Talk About Their Experience with Injections
Tia Outlines Egg Donation Travel and The Embryo Transfer
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Jordan Gives Advice to a Future Egg Donor
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