The Family Circle

Episode 8: Experienced Egg Donor Panel

September 23, 2022 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 8
The Family Circle
Episode 8: Experienced Egg Donor Panel
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This month's episode of The Family Circle is a special panel episode featuring three experienced egg donors through Circle Egg Donation. 

Marketing Director, Kristin Marsoli, hosts Jordan, Tia, and Liv as they discuss why they became egg donors, why they choose the type of donation they did, why they wanted to work with an agency, and they each provide some words of wisdom for women who may be interested in becoming egg donors. 

Jordan, Tia, and Liv have each done multiple egg donations over the years for different intended parents. They all have one thing in common though, and that is they love to talk about egg donation. Jordan and Tia have achieved their goal of sharing egg dontation with other women by joining the team here at Circle as Egg Donation Coordinators! Liv on the other hand has been sharing her journeys through her TikTok channel and meeting women and answering their questions on her page. You can follow her @oliviaroww

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor? Apply today or reach out to chat with someone on our team!

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Hello & Welcome - Kristin Marsoli
Introducing Jordan
Introducing Tia
Introducing Liv
How Did You Come to Learn About Egg Donation?
Tia Shares About Why She Paused Her Application
Jordan Discusses Researching Egg Donation and Taking a Big Leap
Liv Shares About Learning About Egg Donation
Tia Shares The Questions She Had Before Donating
Jordan Explains the Egg Donation Process
Liv Shares Why She Chose an Egg Donation Agency vs an Egg Bank
Tia Explains Why She Chose an Agency vs an Egg Bank
Tia Outlines the Different Types of Donations She's Done
Jordan Talks About Known Donation and Why She Loves It
Jordan and Liv Talk About Their Experience with Injections
Tia Outlines Egg Donation Travel and The Embryo Transfer
Tia Explains Post-Op and Traveling Home
The Panelists Discuss Family Support Throughout the Process
Jordan Gives Advice to a Future Egg Donor
Liv Shares About Sharing on TikTok and Answers Questions
Final Words of Wisdom from Each Panelist
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