The Family Circle

Episode 18: Tara's Story of Secondary Infertility, Loss and Coming to the U.S. for Surrogacy

July 10, 2023 Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation Season 1 Episode 18
The Family Circle
Episode 18: Tara's Story of Secondary Infertility, Loss and Coming to the U.S. for Surrogacy
Show Notes

This episode contains sensitive content about pregnancy loss.

In this episode of The Family Circle podcast, Tara shares her journey to motherhood, which involved IVF, secondary infertility, surrogacy, and multiple miscarriages. Throughout her story, Tara discusses the emotional turmoil she went through, from the joy of getting pregnant to the heartache of losing a baby, and the stress of waiting to start IVF. Despite the challenges, Tara's story highlights the resilience and determination of parents who go through infertility, and her openness and humor provide insight into her journey to motherhood.

In recounting her experience after suffering the loss of her first surrogate baby, Tara also reflects upon what it was like working with an agency overseas and the difference in support she received compared to her first experience with surrogacy. The emotional journey of surrogacy, how it impacted her mental health, and the magical connection that was formed with her surrogate are also discussed. As you will hear, today’s episode provides powerful testimonies to the strength and determination of parents who go through infertility and surrogacy. Through the stories shared, the emotional and logistical challenges of these processes become clear, as well as the resilience and joy that come with finally having the family one has dreamed of. Listen in to today’s conversation for valuable insight and perspectives and witness the insurmountable power of perseverance and hope.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tara’s IVF and surrogacy experiences
  • The emotional toll of facing infertility and multiple miscarriages
  • The late-term loss that Tara faced
  • How she found humor throughout her journey
  • Some words of inspiration for others who are going through infertility
  • Tara’s experience of working with Circle 
  • Her mental health journey
  • Finding a surrogate match
  • The difference between her first and second surrogacy experience
  • The emotional connection that forms with your surrogate 
  • Cultural differences between surrogacy in the UK and the US.
  • The importance of being respectful throughout the surrogacy process

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